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Zambezi FM Radio
Zambezi FM Radio: 107.7FM Livingstone ::::: Let the Waves Flow!
The Station

The Station

ZAMBEZI FM started broadcasting in the year 2006 and currently covers Livingstone, Kazungula, Zimba and parts of Kalomo,including the added parts into Zimbabwe hinterlands, Botswana and Namibia making it the only Zambian commercial radio station that broadcasts to four countries.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT:To improve our community through providing relevant information, education and entertainment.

OUR VISION: To be the most relevant and creative media organization in our community.

OUR VALUES: Human beings are supposed to be agents of their own development, masters of their own acts, judges of their worth and authors of their own change. We therefore: - have respect for each other and for others, that they think, are creative and can contribute towards a discussion or activity. - encourage dialogue and participation to draw insights from all concerned as we search for solutions to life's complexities. - ensure genuine, free, creative & active participation. - broadcast honestly, truthfully, fairly, diligently, respectfully and with the highest possible professional standards.

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