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  • Local Government and Housing Minister Emerine Kabanshi
    Local Government and Housing Minister Emerine Kabanshi
    "Thank you very much for allowing me to talk on your radio station. This is what we need. More information to be spread on UNWTO and what the government is doing. Keep it up and Godbless."
    ( 14th February 2013 )
  • Belinda Hodge
    Belinda Hodge
    "Thank you Zambezi fm for partnering with Livingstone 2013 to celebrate Dr. David Livingstone's Bicentenary. It is a pleasure working with you on this initiative."
    ( 12th February 2013 )
  • Minister of Transport, works, supply & Communication- Christopher Yaluma
    Minister of Transport, works, supply & Communication- Christopher Yaluma
    "It's a pleasure to be hosted by Zambezi fm. It will always be memorable to speak to the people of Livingstone. It's just through this media that residents of Livingstone will know what PF government is doing.
    Sincere thanks to Zambezi fm and Livingstone people."
    ( 20th February 2013 )
  • Tourism and Arts Minister- Silvia Masebo
    Tourism and Arts Minister- Silvia Masebo
    "Happy with the support and that Zambezi fm has been a true partner in the promotion of our Tourism Industry, in particular the preps for the co-hosting of UNWTO General Assembly. Please keep it up. Let's work together and change Livingstone for the good of one people. Thank you very much. "
    ( 20th February 2013 )
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  1. Remember
    Slad Dee ft Kantu
  2. Foolish Me
  3. Google
    Macky 2 ft O.C
  4. Google
    Macky 2 ft T-sean an
  5. Bufi
    Petersen And Pilato
  6. Follow Me
    Salma & O.C
  7. No More Love
    Macky2 ft K'millian
  8. Folo Folo
    O.C ft Salma
  9. Im Alive
    Ruff Kaida ft Rozay
  10. Chimusebo Chakumanda
    Afunika ft JK
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Latest News
  • First Lady Attributes high HIV/AIDS Prevalence to Migration

    FIRST Lady Christine Kaseba Sata says migration is one of the strongest single contributing factors of the high HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the sub-Saharan region.
    ( Wednesday 27th August 2014 )
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  • Jubilee Conference Conveners dismiss Mulenga Sata's Presidency assertions

    Conveners of the Jubilee Conference scheduled for September 5th have dismissed that they are propping up President Michael Sata"s son Mulenga for the presidency.
    ( Wednesday 27th August 2014 )
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  • Ebola Spreads to Nigeria Oil Hub Port Harcourt

    Nigeria has confirmed its first Ebola death outside Lagos a doctor in the oil hub of Port Harcourt.
    ( Wednesday 27th August 2014 )
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  • Proflight Halves Its Fares for Kids

    Proflight Zambia has halved its airfares for young flyers, giving children even more opportunity to explore Zambia.
    ( Wednesday 27th August 2014 )
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Most Popular
  • Zambian Government Ratifies Visa Free Movement in SADC Countries Ahead Of UNWTO

    The Zambian government has ratified visa free movement of people within the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) ahead of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) conference scheduled for August this year.
    ( Monday 25th March 2013 )
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  • CEEC Refutes Reports of Political Interference

    The Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) says there is no political interference in the distribution of empowerment funds.
    ( Wednesday 03rd July 2013 )
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